QuiQuiRiQui Destilado con Mole Pechuga Mezcal (700ml) - DAMAGED CAP
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QuiQuiRiQui Destilado con Mole Pechuga Mezcal (700ml) - DAMAGED CAP

Oaxaca, MEXICO
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ABV: 50%

Note: Plastic grip on cap has a chunk missing, cork seal is still intact.

Mezcal de pechuga (pechuga translates to ‘breast’ in Spanish) is made when a finished mezcal is redistilled with local fruits, grains and nuts, and a raw piece of protein (typically a chicken) is hung over the still, cooking in the emanating vapors. Traditionally, this is a style of mezcal produced for special occasions and consumed locally—there are as many different versions as there are distilleries. QQRQ’s stunning, vegetarian-friendly recipe trades the poultry for a homemade mole paste. This paste is made to a traditional recipe by the Méndez family in Santiago Matatlán and includes chile Guajillo, chile Ancho, sesame seeds, almonds, peanuts, garlic, onion, raisins, bananas and cacao. It’s thought to be the first commercial release of its kind.

Carlos Méndez uses the QQRQ Espadin agave as the base. Following the second distillation, the mole paste is added and the spirit is rested to infuse for two weeks before a final, third distillation.

Tasting note: Clear. Unadulterated and penetrating whiffs include sweet, sappy, herbal, rubbery aromas with a smokey/saline edge. Intense and engaging in an oily wave of char-grilled capsicum, spent pipe tobacco, exotic agave and white pepper flavours. The finish is vaguely fruity, sweet and grassy with lingering wood smoke. Potent and beautifully balanced. 50% Alc./Vol.