Pyrat Planters Cask 1623 Rum (750ml)

West Indies,
$599. 00 Bottle
$7188.00 Dozen
ABV: 40%

Note: These can show scuffing/blemishes on the front label which is due to rubbing against the inside of the wooden box during transit to us.

The Caribbean island of Anguilla is commonly known as a popular vacation spot among tourists, but also houses one of the finest rums in the world.

Pyrat (pronounced 'Pirate') is a new spirit from the Patron company, creators of super premium tequila. One may be interested to know that the 'Anguilla Rums Facility' that produces Pyrat is a blending house and not a distillery, a common misconception due to the absence of sugar cane grown on Anguilla. As a result, the rum is made by blending aged rums from distilleries around the Caribbean.

The Pinnacle of Caribbean Delight

Cask 1623 commemorates the date in which rums first began distilling in the Caribbean. It comprises of nine blended Caribbean pot-still rums aged up to 40 years old. Expect Cognac-like weight with signature richness, orange and vanilla flavours.
Packaged in a cedar wood box and bottled in hand-blown glass, a serial number and signature from the bottler also appears.
One would only need to Google the name of this rum to find out why this is the among the favorites of so many...

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