Punt e Mes Bitter Red Vermouth (1000ml)

    Torino, ITALY
    $34. 99 Bottle
    $419.88 Dozen
    ABV: 16%
    Closure: Screw Cap

    Following the successful release of Carpano Antica Formula vermouth, we had several customers searching for another of Carpano's creations, Punt e Mes.

    Like Antica Formula, Punt e Mes is a vermouth of outstanding quality, but features a dramatically different flavour profile. Whilst the two share a similar, sweet luxurious palate entry, Carpano's back palate is sweet, soft and luscious, while the back palate of Punt e Mes offers very bitter flavours similar to Campari.

    Best consumed in cocktails that require some bitterness and spice to balance sweetness, or with ice and soda before dinner.