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Prohibition Liquor Co. Bathtub Cut Gin (500ml)

South Australia, AUSTRALIA
$124. 99
$1499.88 Dozen
ABV: 69%
When gin became popular during the Prohibition era of the 1920's, most people in the United States drank the poor quality, homemade spirits found in speakeasies. This alcohol -then called bathtub Gin - was the most popular spirit being made in the United States because it was the easiest to distill. What'smore, gin, unlike whisky, did not require any aging in oak barrels which were expensive and cumbersome to store and conceal.

Bathtub Gin was made by placing a large quantity of (often dangerously) low-quality, de-natured alcohol in a home bathtub. The poisons were removed from the liquid to recover ethyl alcohol that was then flavoured with juniper berries, diluted and put into bottles. The highly variable quality of the spirit meant that consuming it in any quantity was a dangerous venture that cost some party-goers their lives. It has also being suggested that the many extravagant cocktails of the Jazz era owe their inspiration to disguising the disgusting taste of bathtub Gin. Thankfully, this is that kind of drink by name only...

Tasting notes: Pours almost water-like with a very pale straw blush and thick legs. Closed at first but opens up with heavy, oily aromas of liquorice root and white pepper in the initial pass with air contact drawing out juniper, smokey cardamom, citrus peel and subtle herbaceous notes. Big, viscous entry leads into an exceptionally concentrated, oily, lemon lozenge, white pepper and dried juniper hit. Fabulous purity and balance. Concludes mouth-numbing, super long and with more than a touch of Fisherman's Friend at the finish. Punchy and about as big as gin gets. 69% Alc./Vol.