Pierre Huet Tradition 15 Year Old Calvados (700ml)
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Pierre Huet Tradition 15 Year Old Calvados (700ml)

Normandy, FRANCE
$179. 99
$2159.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

Pierre Huet is one of the oldest Calvados estates in France, having begun production in the 1800s. The house is situated in the Pays d'Auge region and is led by Francois-Xavier Huet who has modernized the operation, introducing sustainable practices such as replacing the oil used to heat the stills with wood chips from the estate. Two stills operate: a pot still for the AOC Pays d'Auge production and a column still for the Calvados AOC production. Hot water from the distillation heats the visitor centre in winter. Combining the robustness and strength of a Hors d’Age with the length and sweetness of an ancestral Calvados, 'Tradition' fills a gap in the category with a well-aged apple brandy that retains good fruit definition without being overly woody or tannic. The bouquet opens with baked apple, pear and cinnamon, and although it loses steam after air contact, the palate makes amends in a succulent combination of ripe pear, sweet apple cider and vanilla notes that make this easy to like. The supple texture is a delight, while the spicy lift and gentle astringency through the finish add the necessary balance. Huet has assembled this blend using brandies aged at least fifteen years, however, some casks are considerably older. 40% Alc./Vol.

Silver Medal General Agricultural Competition of Paris 2019