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Philippe de Bourgogne Creme de Cassis Blackcurrant Liqueur (700ml)

Burgundy, FRANCE
$59. 99 Bottle
$719.88 Dozen
ABV: 20%

Cassis is the French word for blackcurrant. The blackcurrant itself is of Nordic origin. It was only towards the beginning of the eighteenth century that Europe embraced it, both as a garden plant and for its medicinal qualities which earnt it the description of “elixir de vie.” However, as far back as the sixteenth century monks from the famous Dijon region of France are recorded to have been growing blackcurrant bushes. The drink they made from it was offered as a universal cure-all for everything from snake bite to depression. While this is stretching the truth, it is common knowledge that black currants are rich in vitamin C and the liqueurs made from them are enjoyable and healthy digestifs.

Tasting note: Pours a glycerous, opaque black / cherry red with a deep crimson hue. Appealing aromas include blackcurrant cordial and super ripe raspberry, followed by cranberry juice and a hint of pomegranate. Entry is thick, creamy, silky and just plain sensuous. Flavours are initially more like cranberry or slightly unripe raspberries, being concentrated and sweet but also nicely balanced by refreshing acidity. Creamy texture. Finishes clean and perfectly tart with a ripe blackcurrant / blackberry aftertaste. Possesses a fruit/acid balance that’s absent from too many fruit liqueurs nowadays. Nicely done.
20% Alc./Vol.

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