Phantom Spirits Double Cask 6 Year Old Panama Rum (500ml) - Coffee Collective / Den Klodsede Bjorn Akmel Nuri Coffee Liqueur Cask

$89. 99 Bottle
$1079.88 Dozen
ABV: 43%
Phantom Spirits are a new Copenhagen based project specialising in experimental spirits including several collaborations with various spirits, beer, wine and food producers. It's led by former events and communications manager Mixen Lindberg, Den Klodsede Bjørn Vodka, and Mikkel Borg Bjergsø.

This 'progressive barrel aged rum', was produced with coffee liqueur and Panamanian rum. You get coffee, toasted coconut, fig leaves, and nutty aromas and flavours. There's also hints of wormwood and anise from the previous (absinthe) barrel aging. 43% Alc./Vol. 1250 bottles.