Opal Nera Black Sambuca (700ml)

$57. 99
$695.88 Dozen
ABV: 30%
Founded in Ghemme, Piemonte (Northern Italy) in 1951 by Luigi Francoli, the Francoli Distillery has a rich history of grappa production. The Francoli Family has been running the distillery for over five generations. The mission of the Company is the production and distribution of their Grappa (through the historical brand of Luigi Francoli), as well as liqueurs, spirits, and fruit syrups. Opal Nera was created by the Francoli Distillery in 1989 and since its launch, success has spread to over thirty countries. In many markets, not only is Opal Nera the number one selling black Sambuca, but the number one Sambuca!

Made from all natural ingredients including Star Anise, Green Anise, Elderberries, lemons and with water drawn from a local source once used by Leonardo da Vinci, Opal Nera gets its liquorice black colour from the skins of the elderberry's black berries, a plant which grows wild throughout Italy. All the ingredients come from Italy with the exception of the star anise, which comes from China. The nose hints at spice and liquorice. The texture is, as one would expect, rich, plush and thick with an excellent concentration of flavours, accenting liquorice and blueberry. Recommended as an aperitif or after dinner drink with a twist of lemon, but more commonly imbibed straight from a shot glass. 30% Alc./Vol.