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Old Monk The Legend Indian Rum (1000ml)

$84. 99 Bottle
$1019.88 Dozen
ABV: 42.8%
This rather quaint, unpretentious brand is a spirits icon in its homeland. Launched in 1954, it's garnered a massive following despite little to no advertising. Indeed, word of mouth and a loyal customer base has seen it maintain its title as one of the leading dark rums in the world. The seven year old remains the most popular, with the "Supreme" & "Legend" fast gaining ground. The latter are aged for 12 years and blended with much older spirits. Beyond India, Old Monk is now widely exported - from Africa to the Middle East and now, good news for homesick Indians - a small volume of Old Monk Rum has finally made it to Australia!

Described as a "Very Old Vatted" Rum, this is the pinnacle of the collection, presented in a special 'head' decanter. 42.8% Alc./Vol.