Nonino Amaro Riserva Digestif Liqueur (700ml)
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Nonino Amaro Riserva Digestif Liqueur (700ml)

Udine, Friuli, ITALY
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$1679.88 Dozen
ABV: 35%

'Riserva' is the premium expression of grandfather Antonio Nonino’s ancient Amaro recipe, softened by aging in barriques and small casks for 24 months. Extended maturation was something of a family tradition - partly to create an alternative style and partly because the cost of stainless steel vats was prohibitive. The resulting deep gold coloured Amaro sports an aged-grappa like bouquet that's fresher than most. Soft aromas of fruit bread, dried apricots, raisins, quinine and a whisp of white pepper follow in a silky, medium bodied palate that's fruity and zesty more than bittersweet. The grappa base spirit comes through, while the finish ups the complexity adding suggestions of chamomile tea, gentian, bergamot, apple mint and warming spices. Being a lighter, less assertive style means this is both accessible and versatile. Pair it with cream based desserts, cheeses or Tiramisu and chocolate. Also recommended in an Old-Fashioned, but leave other bitters out. The beautiful, decoratively labeled 'apothecary' style bottle is an added bonus. 35% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Strong notes of eau-de-vie are wrapped up in toasted spice aromatics of dried blood orange peel, sandalwood, and cassia bark. On the palate, this is quite dry, with notes of kola nut, pine, and orange liqueur. The finish is wonderfully complex and long. 96 points - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2022

The Nonino family have devoted themselves to the art of distillation since 1897 with each generation actively improving and innovating to change the perception of ‘Grappa’, Italy’s ancient and best known distillate. In 1973 Nonino became the first producer to create a single varietal Grappa, using the rare and indigenous Picolit grape, setting a trend which the rest of Italy’s distillers followed. This was to be the beginning of a campaign for the preservation of their local Friulian varieties. In 1984, Nonino again set the standard with their ‘ÙE’, distilling from whole grapes to preserve each varieties unique aroma and flavour.