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New World Projects Small Batch Korenwijn Seasonal Gin (700ml)

Essendon, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
$74. 99
$899.88 Dozen
ABV: 43.5%
The latest creation from the New World Projects styles itself on the Dutch origins of Gin. Known as Genever, the chief point of difference to London Dry is the spirit base used in Dutch Gin which, unlike its UK counterparts, is not a completely tasteless neutral grain spirit. Genevers are distilled in pot stills from a mash containing rye, barley and corn which on distillation produces some congeners normally associated with whisky.

New World Projects have combined triple distilled malt spirit with a hefty dose of juniper and a light dressing of caraway, aniseed and coriander to balance and add complexity. Bottled at 43.5% to preserve some of the oilier spirit characters the gin shows a more savoury style than most with hints of pine needles and pickles.

Tasting note: Clear. Engaging scents of dark rye bread over light white pepper and background piney / juniper. Ovaltine? Soft, well rounded delivery is mildly oily in texture; subtle flavours of caraway infused rye, coriander seed and Fisherman's Friend lozenge are followed by a peppery, dill and green olive accented finish. Impressive length and balance. A delicious and cleverly composed expression of an old world classic - limited to 239 bottles. 43.5% Alc./Vol.