Never Never Distilling Co. Fancy Fruit Cup (500ml)

South Australia, AUSTRALIA
$64. 99
$779.88 Dozen
ABV: 27%
New from the boys at Never Never is this Aussie take on Pimms, described as "Summer in a glass". English fruit cups are traditionally gin-based. This one uses Never Never’s award-winning Triple Juniper Gin combined with Marionette’s barrel-aged Orange Curaçao (a blend of navel, Seville and blood oranges).

The addition of local and exotic spices, plus Earl Grey tea for tannin structure, creates a uniquely Australian aperitif, all about taking what the English started and doing it better. The classic serve is long, topped with lemonade, ginger ale and fresh fruits such as strawberry, orange or garnishes like cucumber and mint. 27% Alc./Vol.