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Nardini Rue Flavoured Aquavite Bianco Grappa (700ml)

Bassano, Vicenza, ITALY
$110. 00
$1320.00 Dozen
ABV: 43%

Nardini is Italy's best-selling premium grappa. The company adds rue to this traditional therapeutic specialty. Piperno, a Neapolitan physician, in 1625, commended Rue as a specific against epilepsy and vertigo. It's known as a strongly stimulating and antispasmodic plant, used for coughs, croupy affections, colic and flatulence.

Tasting note: Very pale straw/gold appearance is almost water like, if not for the slight viscosity. Opening sniffs detect hints of beeswax combined with herbal notes (dried dill), cabbage and mustard pickle. A water like entry slowly unfolds into a concentrated, off dry profile that includes grape must, beeswax and delicately bitter herbal notes. Juicy finish. A surge of warming spices follows through to the surprisingly light aftertaste with a subtle beeswax cocoa fade. 43% Alc.Vol.

Other reviews... Nosing passes pick up earthy/woodsy scents of damp soil, vegetation, rubber pencil eraser, uncooked broccoli, mushrooms, and lead pencil. Palate entry is semisweet, intensely herbal, and very pleasurable; at midpalate the surface sweetness doesn’t get in the way of the earthy/musky and spirity foundation flavors. Finishes sweet, very vegetal and herbal. 90-95 points - www.wineenthusaist.comsize>