Musgrave 11 Gin (750ml)

$110. 00
$1320.00 Dozen
ABV: 43%
An African gin which includes indigenous botanicals such as African Ginger (Whitei Mondei) and Grains of Paradise, reminiscent of the perfume of spice markets.

African ginger roots taste like ginger or liquorice but have a vanilla-like aroma. For a long time they've been extensively used in traditional medicine as an antacid and a boosting tonic.
Grains of Paradise, also native to Africa, are woody and forest-like to smell, with a peppery warmth absent of the harshness of black pepper. The woodiness gives way to cloves, cinnamon and a faint hint of cardamom. In total eleven botanicals make up the mix in Musgrave gin, as implied by the label. 43% Alc./Vol.