Midori Melon Liqueur (500ml)

$36. 99
$443.88 Dozen
ABV: 21%

Midori features the refreshingly different, incomparably light flavour of honeydew. Midori may well be the most versatile mixer ever created suiting both fruit and cream based liqueurs. Midori has an alcohol content of 21%.One of the most popular cocktail recipe for Midori today is the “Midori Illusion” consisting of:

30ml. Midori15ml.
Cointreau15ml.Vodka 45ml. Lemon Juice 15ml. Lime. Shake with ice.

Another popular mix is the “Midori Splice”:30 ml Midori30ml.
Coconut Rum 90ml. Pineapple Juice30ml.
Build cream over ice in a highball glass.