Mhoba Strand 101 South African Rum (700ml)
  • ABV may vary

Mhoba Strand 101 South African Rum (700ml)

$180. 00 Bottle
$2160.00 Dozen
ABV: 50.5%

Another ‘paddock to bottle’ release from a largely unknown South African trail blazer. This time it's a combination of spirits from a single still – one part barrel aged and quite woody, the other part unaged, funky and high in esters. The two were blended with the aim of creating a "slightly off-kilter Smith & Cross Jamaican style" (the blue and gold colours of the label are a homage to the brand). Danish seller and importer, Knud Strand played a key role in determining the ratios in the mix - which is why his name is prominent. This particular release has really put Mhoba on the map in Europe having received high praise from bartenders, pro-rum critics and bloggers alike. As with all Mhobas, there's no added sweetener, flavour or colour and bottling is done without chill-filtration. 50.5% Alc./Vol. - but the ABV will vary from batch to batch.  

Other reviews... It’s when you smell and then taste the Strand 101° (58% ABV) rum from South Africa’s Mhoba, that you begin to get an appreciation for what this relative newcomer has accomplished in so short a time. The initial punch is all pot still, all righteous reek, all the time — there’s no holding back and it’s just fascinating to inhale. It smells sharply of paint thinner, nail polish, turpentine and rancid fruit left to go bad in the sun…after a tropical rain, with the steam still coming off the ground. It contains the tartness of a lemon meringue pie mixed up with green apples and gooseberries and a flaky, buttery crust. Sugar cane sap, cider, sour cream, brine, and the rising aromas off a loaf of sourdough bread fresh from the oven.  And over all that is the clear scent of candy floss and bubble gum. I mean, is that a great beginning or what? If I closed my eyes I could hear the Wailers... What’s clear to me is how good the rum really is. Just about everything works here, the strength, the still, the cuts, the assembly, the balance between babyhood and youth, herbals and woods. -

...I recall hearing that this might have been made for the cocktail crowd, as there isn’t much high-proof, sugarcane juice-based rum in the market. I definitely see the inspiration from Haus Alpenz’s Smith & Cross in this bottle: beyond the parallel blue and gold embellishment, as it’s high ABV, with a funky profile that works well as both a sipper and mixer. This is something for lovers of dirty distillate like Mortlach, Edradour and Clynelish. The wood influence takes on a mere supporting role, while most of the flavors here come from the blend of distillates. -