Mezcal Vago Tobala Mezcal (700ml)

Oaxaca, MEXICO
$240. 00
$2880.00 Dozen
ABV: 50.7%
Crafted by Aquilino García López, the wild-harvested tobalá used here is sourced from the Highlands near the source of the Quichapa River. Like all of Aquilino's mezcals, Vago Tobalá is crafted in the traditional method at his palenque in Candelaria Yegolé, Oaxaca. The operation includes earth ovens for cooking the agaves, pinewood fermentation vats and a 200 litre copper still. The mezcal is rested in steel tanks for three months before being hand bottled.

Other reviews... Warm but fresh; masculine but delicate, this is just a joy to smell and to drink. Cool, leafy aromatics of wintergreen, aloe, and green peppercorns begin your journey. Next, the green hues fade to black on the palate with plenty of tar, black pepper, wood smoke, and candle wax. The slightest undercurrent of pear and melon keeps things fresh and dynamic. Quite classy and refined.
95 points - distiller.com