Metaxa 5 Star Greek Brandy (3000ml)

Piraeus, GREECE
$275. 00 Bottle
$3300.00 Dozen
ABV: 38%
A large format Metaxa that will leave a big impression! It comes with a tap fitted to the base of the bottle as well as a a stand.
From vine to bottle, Metaxa follows an unusual process. It begins in the soils of Attica. Three varieties of sun dried Greek grapes are distilled and aged in Limousin oak casks before being married with aged Muscat wine from the Aegean islands. The result is a brandy deep in colour, full in flavour yet mellow like a liqueur.

Other reviews... Nice, bakery-like bouquet. Palate entry is raisiny sweet and focused on dried red fruits, honey and trail mix-like flavors; midpalate comes up with a citrus zestiness as well as an almond background taste that goes well with the fruit peel. Fruity and nutty finish. 38% alc./vol.
87 points - www.winenethusiast.com