Meletti Green Label Anisetta Liqueur (700ml) - 34%
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Meletti Green Label Anisetta Liqueur (700ml) - 34%

$74. 99
$899.88 Dozen
ABV: 34%

This is the company's flagship product which Silvio Meletti began formulating in the mid 1800s. Following a period of trial and error, he identified plants from the Ascoli Piceno region, east of Rome as being of the highest quality. Here, heavy clay soils produce the most aromatic anise. Silvio captured these aromas via a traditional alembic still, however, he subsequently attributed the incredible flavour of this special Anisette primarily to his proprietary aging process. Enjoy with your coffee, on the rocks, in a cocktail or sipped after dinner. 34% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews.... Among the best of the its category, Meletti made its name experimenting with anise plants from numerous Italian provinces as far back as 1870, determining finally that the best quality anise grew on the Adriatic Coast directly east of Rome. The end result: a pungent aroma hinting at anise and fennel, and a mellow, sippable flavor that slowly unfurls fiery cinnamon, anise, Dutch licorice and a sweet-herbal hint of sarsaparilla. 90 points - Kara Newman - Wine Enthusiast