McLain & Kyne Jefferson's Reserve 15 Year Old Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)

$1999. 00 Bottle
$23988.00 Dozen
ABV: 45.1%
A rare 15 Year Old bottling of Jefferson's Reserve at 45.1% Alc./Vol. Now discontinued, there's a possibility this was an original 1997 release, from the year when the company was founded.

McLain & Kyne is not a distillery, but a "NDP" or 'non-distiller producer' located in Louisville Kentucky. Founded by well known Bourbon historian, Chet and son Trey Zoeller over fifteen years ago (1997), they often source small lots of Bourbon which larger distilleries don't find profitable enough to distribute. Roughly 3-4 different bourbon recipes from 8-12 barrels are blended to create the varying ‘very small batch’ Jefferson's labels (Jefferson’s, Reserve, Presidential and Rye) – a miniscule number compared to other ‘small batch’ offerings that often blend up to 200-300 barrels per release.

Other reviews... The bouquet is ripe, rich, and concentrated right from the first whiff -- the emphasis is squarely on the sweet corn as the rye and barley take a distant back seat. In the aroma one finds traces of vanilla, caramel, and oak resin - a very sound, very solid bourbon bouquet. A superb new bourbon discovery that has me already looking forward to future bottlings. - Paul Pacult.