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McLain & Kyne Jefferson's Presidential Select 20 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey (750ml) - Batch 1

$450. 00
$5400.00 Dozen
ABV: 47%
McLain & Kyne is not a distillery, but a 'non-distiller producer' located in Louisville Kentucky. When they decided to get into the whiskey business in 1997, they were able to secure some remarkable extra-aged bourbons which were put aside for this series. There have been a number of different Presidential Select offerings, starting with the 17 year old and moving up through an 18, 21, 25 and even a 30-year-old. These finds have been absolute gold for Bourbon lovers. Many have shown considerable investment upside, with early releases now fetching close to $1000. Add to this first batch status, a serious age statement and direct import pricing and you have yourself a relative bargain. Comes beautifully presented in a heavy base decanter bottle. 47% Alc./Vol.
Extremely limited stocks.