Maurin Quina Le Puy Aperitif (1000ml)

Burgundy, FRANCE
$59. 99
$719.88 Dozen
ABV: 16%
Closure: Stelvin
This aromatised white wine includes a maceration of wild cherries, cinchona bark (quinine), lemon and cherry juice in neutral spirit with measured amounts of cherry brandy. Created in 1884 by Mr. Auguste Maurin in Le Puy, an Italian artist later designed the smirking green devil as a feature on the label (he seems very satisfied to have procured a bottle!) Expect wild berry and lemon flavours finishing with a tart display of bitter, earthy, floral notes. Try it chilled, on ice, with soda or add to cocktails (e.g. substitute it for Campari in a Negroni). 16% Alc./Vol