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Manly Spirits Dry Gin (700ml)

New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
$74. 99
$899.88 Dozen
ABV: 43%
Equipped with two gorgeous Holsten stills, Brookvale locals, David Whittaker and Vanessa Wilton are driven to create spirits that capture the diversity of Australian botanicals, exploring above and below the ocean to create that something special. Presently offering two vodkas, a White Dog malt and this contemporary-styled gin, the spirits are meticulously monitored during distillation and rather than computer controlled cuts, Manly rely on well-tuned noses to capture as much flavour as possible.

Produced from a wheat base, botanicals for the gin include Sea Lettuce, Pepper Leaf, Anise Myrtle, Finger Lime and Orange Peel. The odd botanical here is obviously the marine addition. It was inspired by Elijah Holland, head chef at "Powder Keg", a restaurant and gin bar in Sydney. He recommended it as a novel 'North Beach coastal influence' for the gin's profile.

Tasting note: Clear with thick tears down the sides of the glass. Excellent aromatic lift includes aromas of pine needle, fresh citrus peel (lemon / lime) and delicate white pepper. Dry, cool-mint confectionary-like flavours (Lifesavers?), followed by muted lime juice and a chalky, lemony finish. Light piney aftertaste. An engaging citrus-led style that will shine in summer cocktails. 43% Alc./Vol.

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