Mackmyra Limousin Single Malt Swedish Whisky (700ml)
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Mackmyra Limousin Single Malt Swedish Whisky (700ml)

$160. 00
$1920.00 Dozen
ABV: 46.1%

Inspired by the French oak region of the same name, Mackmyra mature this expression in Limousin casks that previously held Cognac from the renowned House of Pierre Ferrand. But that's not all. To emphasise the fruitiness, they were complemented by older Oloroso casks, as well as casks saturated with berry wine (cherry and forest raspberry). It's a convoluted mix, and you get the impression that some cask cancel-culture is in action here which makes it difficult to pin down discreet notes. What it does achieve is a pretty seamless mouthfeel, with the main flavour drive arriving at the finish. You could liken it to fruit'n'nut dark chocolate with a little toasted muesli character, as well as salted crackers, brine, ginger and a subtle oiliness associated with peated styles (yet it's not peated); Kind of coastal and kind of sweet and fruity at the same time, Limousin is released at the distillery’s go-to ABV for the 'Seasonal' series of 46.1%. 16,000 bottles are available globally. The exact cask breakdown is as follows:

Cognac barrel, 350L (1st French oak), 'elegant recipe'.
American oak barrel saturated with Oloroso,  200L & 128L (fresh, 1st & 2nd)
American oak barrel, 200L & 128L
Raspberry wine 100L
Swedish oak barrel 30L
Ex-Bourbon barrel 200L

Notes from the producers... Nose: Fruity, with notes of sweet and citrus fruits. Distinct vanilla with dried fruit, prune and orange zest. Taste: Round taste with vanilla caramel, dried fruit, sweet almond and dark chocolate. A light spiciness from the oak, with light sour grape tones, ginger and matured pear. Aftertaste: Vinous, sun-ripened grapes with oak notes and soft pear caramel.