Luxardo Anisette Liqueur (700ml)

$49. 99
$599.88 Dozen
ABV: 27%
Popular in many Mediterranean countries, Anisette is a colourless liqueur not to be confused with its French counterpart 'pastis' which is made from star anise and liqourice root, as opposed to aniseed. Both were created as a response to the prohibition of Absinthe in France around 1915. At that time, Absinthe producers were eager to create a drink that resembled the flavours and aromas of Absinthe, but without the wormwood. Anisette is sweeter than most anise-flavoured liqueurs such as the above mentioned. It also contains a lower alcohol content, usually around 25% versus the 40% +ABV. This one from the reputable Luxardo company is 27% Alc./Vol.