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London No.1 Dry Gin (700ml)

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ABV: 47%

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Numerically-named spirits are trending in the Gin category. London No.1 is owned by the Spanish company, Gonzalez Byass (better known for Tio Pepe Sherry), but the gin itself is produced at London's Thames Distillery. The brand is noted for having an unusual pale blue hue - probably a nod to one of the more curious ingredients - Gardenia flowers. Because the colour is added post distillation, EU spirits regulations preclude the use of 'London Dry" on the label. Marketing gimmicks aside, No.1 is essentially London Dry-inspired. Juniper, coriander, angelica and citrus peel are supported by liquorice, almond, savory, cassia, cinnamon and bergamot. From a 30ml sample the bouquet offers perfumed aromatics include white pepper and herbal / bark-like scents over a juniper base note. Concentrated, pleasantly peppery attack follows through to a creamy, herbaceous and juniper focused middle. The finish is leaner, but just as vibrant. The aftertaste turns spicy, drying with late suggestions of chamomile and peppermint tea. Nice length, and the intensity at 47% is a bonus, especially when it comes to mixing.

Other reviews... London No. 1 is surprisingly well-constructed. On the nose you’ll find a solid juniper base, plus hints of caramel sauce, orange and even grapefruit notes. The licorice character is mild but distinct — while this ingredient is becoming commonplace in modern gins, this is one of the few products I can recall where I could actually taste the licorice element. The body of London No. 1 Gin starts off restrained, zero alcoholic burn, and almost tasting watery despite a hefty 47% abv. But things open up a bit with some air, revealing more of the gin’s nuances. Some earthy notes emerge at the start, with juniper and citrus peel close behind. The midpalate veers toward a bittersweet character, its citrus taking on balsamic notes, with some of that lily-driven floral character finally emerging as the finish rumbles along. There’s sweetness on the back end too, a bit earthy, almost caramel mixed with honey in character, perhaps thanks to the bergamot. It’s a nice way to end things — not too dessert like, and providing a nice balance to the racier front side. I’m not sold on the blue color, but the gin itself is versatile, well-made, and unique in its own way. - drinkhacker.com

...Pretty silvery powder blue color. Delicate aromas of powdered nut pastry, anise, date custard, and pinecone with a supple, dryish medium-full body and a gently warming sweet baking spices, pepper, lemon, and juniper gelato accented finish. A very smooth and stylish gin for martinis and clever cocktails. International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal
90 points (Exceptional)
- tastings.com

"High alcohol content is very evident with spicy black pepper and zingy pine" 4.5 Stars - diffordsguide.com