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Lobo Djinn Gin (500ml)

Adelaide Hills, South Australia, AUSTRALIA
$72. 99
$875.88 Dozen
ABV: 41.6%
A gin from the Adelaide Hills employing quince instead of the more typical citrus, backed up by a pure juniper note and supported by a blend of botanicals with spices and some other "ethereal notes". The juniper character stands up in classic cocktails, however the house cidermaker's favourite is a simple gimlett with straight lime juice.

Tasting note: [20ml sample] Creamy yet fresh aromas of green pear, pine buds, earthy juniper, liquorice root and emerging anise. Great balance and length with a superb rush of anise(?)-laced juniper through the middle stages. Ends cool-mint fresh, delicately peppery with subtle pine, quince and aniseed lingering. Delicious. 41.6% Alc./Vol.