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Liquore delle Sirene Canto Amaro Digestif Liqueur (700ml)

$89. 99
$1079.88 Dozen
ABV: 27%
Tasting note: The Liquori delle Sirene are a collection of bitters and liqueurs made by Elisa Carta, a trained sommelier, olive oil taster and passionate herbalist. Her terroir inspired amaro is made primarily with infusions from Lake Garda botanicals such as lemons, thistle, rose berries and sweet and bitter orange. It also includes kina, vanilla, and timut pepper (similar to Sichuan pepper). The result is a deeply coloured Amaro with lifted scents of orange peel, gentian and hints of orchard flowers and a silky, pure delivery including gently bittersweet flavours of citrus peel, vanilla, incense(?) as well as hints of pepper and potpourri. Serve it neat or with tonic and a lemon twist. 27% Alc./Vol.