Lemercier La Bleue Pastis Liqueur (700ml)

Fougerolles, FRANCE
$69. 99
$839.88 Dozen
ABV: 45%

Before 1800, the Lemerciers were an important farming family, living in Grand-Fahys, a hamlet in the district of Fougerolles. In addition to their farm land, they also owned several orchards from which they produced Kirsch and Plum Brandy. However, little by little, their production of brandies greatly exceeded their personal requirements and they became professional distillers.

In Switzerland, absinthe was known as "a blue drink". This is why Lemercier call their pastis "La Bleue", as a reminder of the time when the distillery used to produce large quantities of absinthe. Lemercier's pastis recipe was invented in the 1920's, with the brand name registered in 1939. Ever since, Lemercier have continued to produce "La Bleue" as in bygone days, namely by distilling and soaking various carefully selected plants and seeds such as star aniseed, absinthe and fennel. This liqueur is a genuine, traditional pastis bottled at 45% Alc./Vol, more full bodied than Pernod, with a deliciously sweet mid palate and a clean dry finish.