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Le Gin de Christian Drouin Carmina Gin (700ml)

Normandy, FRANCE
$99. 99
$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 42%
Better known as a Calvados producer, Guillaume Drouin continues exploring new flavour associations in his small batch gins. Seeking a perfect match with apple and juniper, Drouin has signed off on a new blend devoted to red berries. A "one plant at a time" distillation policy lets Drouin keep adjusting proportions so as to obtain the best possible result.

Tasting note: [2018 edition] Clear. Pure, lifted aromas of apple sauce, ripe raspberries, fresh orange peel and earthy juniper. Drops a notch in intensity after 2-3 minutes air contact. Delicious fruity / floral delivery combines elderflower, semi-ripe blackberries and refreshing citrus peel to great effect. Ends delicately minty, spicy, expertly balanced with fine astringency. Great contemporary gin. 8550 bottles. 42% Alc./Vol.