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Le Gin 1 & 9 Gin (700ml)

$84. 99
$1019.88 Dozen

Produced from a selection of 9 ingredients (hence the name 1&9) including juniper berries, sweet orange peel, coriander, Jamaican chili pepper, angelica and cardamon.

Tasting note: Crystal clear appearance. Features semi sweet, perfumed scents of citrus peel - in particular, mandarin and orange - with the juniper note restrained. Second inspection finds hints of coriander and liquorice too, but overall the aroma remains in the ripe citrus spectrum. A water like entry leads into a medium dry, vibrant and spicy mid palate. Flavours of juniper and coriander seed present with good length and balance. Finishes floral and slightly soapy with a delicate, dry and mildly chalky aftertaste. 40% Alc./Vol.