Laphroaig Port Wood Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)
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Laphroaig Port Wood Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

$199. 00 Bottle
$2388.00 Dozen
ABV: 48%

After closing for nine weeks during the 2020 pandemic, Laphroaig are back on track. The brand continues to be the most popular peated single malt in the world, as well as Islay's number one seller since it peaked at four million bottles in 2021. The in-house malt spec remains extremely high at 50-60ppm, while Port Allen maltings cover the shortfall delivering barley at 45ppm.

70% of Laphroaig's output is now dedicated to single malt with the remainder reserved for blends. No surprise that the core range has been steadily expanding over the last decade. Here's another, echoing its predecessor, 'Brodir' which it now replaces. This soft and well-rounded dram promises aromas and flavours of red berries, seaweed and smoky peat. So far as we know, it's the same liquid as was going into Brodir, which was originally a European Travel Retail exclusive. 48% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Probably one of the most old-fashioned Islay warehouse aromas I have ever encountered; that incomparable mix of smoke, oak and grape hanging thickly in a moist salty air...this is a big Laphroaig at its most brooding and taciturn. Not for when you are at your most frivolous. 91.5 points - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2020