Laphroaig Brodir & James MacArthur's Invergordon 23 Year Old Cask Strength Single Grain Scotch Whisky Bundle Buy (2x700ml)

$250. 00 Bottle
$3000.00 Dozen
Our most compelling bundle buy to date.
Get Invergordon 23YO normally $199 PLUS Laphroaig Brodir, normally $199, together and save! That's $400 of value for just $250!

Notes on Laphroaig Brodir: Launched in 2014 as a European Travel Exclusive and bottled at 48%, this NAS (No Age Statement Laphroaig) follows on from other successful duty free only bottlings including Laphroaig QA Cask, PX Cask and Laphroaig An Cuan Mór. The first Laphroaig Brodir 13 year old was introduced in 2012 at the Viking Line Whisky Fair. We have just received a small volume of batch 002. The whisky is matured in ex-Bourbon barrels followed by a second maturation in European oak casks seasoned with Ruby Port. The combination doesn't always fire, however in this case, the peat and sweet fortified wine are reported to have worked extremely well.

Brodir means ‘brother’ in ancient Norse. This label celebrates Scotland’s connection with the Nordic region and culture.

Other reviews... Probably one of the most old-fashioned Islay warehouse aromas I have ever encountered; that incomparable mix of smoke, oak and grape hanging thickly in a moist salty air...this is a big Laphroaig at its most brooding and taciturn. Not for when you are at your most frivolous. 48% Alc./Vol. 91.5 points - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2020

Notes on James MacArthur's Invergordon 23 Year Old: Invergordon is one of the big names in grain whisky in Scotland. Established in 1960, these days the plant produces top quality single grain for Whyte & Mackay. Indie bottlers, James MacArthur have sourced this all-natural expression, distilled in December 1991 and bottled in 2014 from a single Bourbon cask.

Uncut and unadulterated single cask grain.
Given the massive ABV and the way this handles water, it's like getting two bottles in one.

Tasting note: Antique gold. Giddy wafts of alcohol require time to back off. Sweeter notes of creamy soda, caramel nib chocolate and vanilla fudge emerge through slightly bitter oak. Silky entry before the booming spices attack. Sweet cereal, peach and vanilla flavours gain momentum, creaming up the mid palate before a bittersweet, pepper-fuelled finish. Uncut, this packs quite a punch, but water brings it into balance, accenting creme brulee on the nose and fluffing up the palate beautifully while extending the length (add extra points to the score here!) It should please any one looking for a good introduction to single grains as well as value-seekers - given the massive ABV and the way this floats, it's like getting two bottles in one. Non chill filtered. 57.9% Alc./Vol.