Laird's Applejack (700ml)

$91. 99
$1103.88 Dozen
ABV: 43%

Laird's Applejack is a spirit new to Australia, but was first made in 1686 by Scotsman William Laird. Applejack was traditionally produced using 'freeze' distillation. A process that involved putting a barrel of cider outside to allow the bulk of the liquid to freeze, then collecting the unfrozen material. Considering most alcohols freeze at temperatures far lower than water, this process works very well in theory. The unfortunate flaw in the method was the collection fusel oils and alcohols other than ethanol, almost guaranteeing a rotten hangover for the early drinkers of Laird's. Still, this didn't stop George Washington, who himself was a distiller of renown. In fact, he personally requested the recipe after receiving the Laird family, and subsequently introduced Applejack to the rest of the Virginia colony.

Today, Laird's Applejack is made by blending 35% apple brandy with 65% grain neutral spirit. Rest assured, the distilling methods have evolved considerably since the late 1600s, though the immunity from the hangover cannot be guaranteed, especially if Applejack is consumed in the traditional "stonewall" cocktail, one that combines 1 part dark rum, 1 part Applejack and 4 parts hard cider.