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Kyro Distillery Juuri Rye Spirit (500ml)

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ABV: 46.3%

Wholesaler clearance on top-notch rye new make. One parcel only.

A spirit that takes you to the very beginning of the whisky creation process: 'Juuri' is a new-make (the Finnish name means 'origin' - and the base for making great rye bread). It was also the very first product Kyro produced and the prototype for what became the first 100% malted Finnish rye. Besides offering a vivid insight into whisky production, what you get is something that boasts all the wonderful aromatic spiciness of rye whiskeys from America, sans barrel age. Technically you can't call it whiskey, yet it is among the very best rye spirits we've tasted to date. Complex and superbly expressive, the nose is like cutting open a bag of fresh rye bread - also suggesting buttered ryvita, mustard pickle and raisins. Brief aeration accents wholemeal bread, clove, old liquorice strap and vanilla. The palate is all about the grain, but there's also a passing resemblance to unaged grappa; Creamy-yet-fresh with assertive flavours of sourdough rye, spice and raisin, the finish is juicy, oily and gently peppery with fresh doughy rye notes persisting at length. An outstanding spirit that's selling for a song, drink it straight, use it as a base for craft cocktails or try it chilled as a schnapps. 46.3% Alc./Vol.

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Notes from the producers... Sweetness and light spicy rye are present on the nose, but really come to the front on the palate. After an initial dryness, notes of licorice root and a light touch of aniseed appear before giving way to the sensation of lightly spiced traditional Finnish rye bread.