Kozuru Mellowed Excellence Shochu (700ml)
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Kozuru Mellowed Excellence Shochu (700ml)

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$1319.88 Dozen
ABV: 41%

Produced from 100% rice and matured in American oak puncheons for three to six years, this Japanese specialty blurs the lines between whisky and shochu bearing a resemblance to middle-aged Lowland grain or blended Scotch. Vanilla wafers, rice crackers and sweet cereals on the nose follow in a light, silky delivery with malty, biscuity flavours, frail vanilla, budding citrus oils and a spicy, finely tannic, dried grass and vanilla finish. This spirit's delicate character is easily lost with too much dilution. A few ice cubes are sufficient, or use it as a base for Summer long drinks. 41% Alc.Vol.

Other reviews... Gentle aromas of baked apples, plums and sweet vanilla with a complex and well-integrated palate. A powerful creamy texture and a soft oaky finish with dried fruits giving a balanced touch of sweetness. 98 points - International Wine & Spirits Competition

...Colour me (pleasantly) surprised! I found the Mellowed Kozuru really fantastic! It was incredibly vibrant and flavor forward but at the same time mellow and rounded, with a great flavour palette of florals and honey. This would be comparable to a hybrid of a sweet Sauternes white wine meeting a slightly dry Sake, moving from one profile to the latter. It’s got a really delightful creamy texture, depth and richness too - bright flavours surrounded by spices over an almost syrupy texture. It really striked me as elegant. The cask aging really did a great job of mellowing it out - and to that end, I couldn’t tease out any sense of the cask. There was no tannins or oakiness to be had, which I found really interesting as well. It’s as if the aging took place sans the woodiness of the cask. This was really approachable and friendly, very enjoyable to drink and definitely a stunner, quite unlike any other Shochu I’ve had in terms of depth, elegance and complexity. Top tier stuff! - 88bamboo.co