Koch El Mezcal Ancestral Maguey Espadin Mezcal (750ml)
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Koch El Mezcal Ancestral Maguey Espadin Mezcal (750ml)

Oaxaca, MEXICO
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ABV: 47.1%

Compared to the 'Artisinal' designation, the rules are much stricter when it comes to the production of 'Ancestral' mezcals. Agaves must be cooked using underground pit ovens. Stones and, if preferred, wet agave fibres are included before the agave hearts are added and the pit is covered. Once cooked, the agaves can be crushed either using the Tahona method or with mallets by hand, with the latter regarded by many as the ultimate craft approach (as is the case with Koch). The resulting must of agave juice and bagasse is required to be spontaneously fermented in open-air wooden vats, although stone, clay or animal skin can also be used. Distillation should include the fibre of the agave, not just the juice, and can only be done in traditional wood-fired clay pot stills. The clay is said to contribute an earthiness to the spirit. Koch use 7-9 year old Espadin agaves (A. Angustifolia) for this expression. The nose offers sweet notes of mustard pickle and brine followed by earthy smoke and dried herbs, as well as vinyl and pencil eraser over hints of unripe pineapple. On entry there's a quasi-industrial character (think sump oil or lanolin) before turning vegetal and drying; Green tomato and white pepper come through the smokey, citrussy finish. Understated and nicely textural. 47.1% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... This is a Gem. I’ve visited the palenque of Don Alberto in early January 2018, his work is simply astonishing. The molienda by hand and the banana leaves he puts over his fermentation casks bring a truly special feeling to his art. Not to mention the Olla de Barros which he has always been working with. They bring this clay like feeling on the palate that I’ve never ever tasted so vividly in another Mezcal. The sharpness and freshness of the Espadin is ever present and the length to it make it a very nice tasting Mezcal. Small batch and pure love into the production couldn’t give anything other than excellence. Must try. - mezcalreviews.com