Knappogue Castle Twin Wood 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey (700ml)
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Knappogue Castle Twin Wood 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey (700ml)

$165. 00 Bottle
$1980.00 Dozen
ABV: 40%

Other reviews... The Twin Wood release is the result of refilling this triple distilled single malt from its bourbon casks into oloroso casks for a 21-month finishing period. This produced a wonderfully dry nose of macadamia nut, pepper, and baked apple crumble. Rich sweetness, more sherry fruit, and raspberry, which develop with plum notes, some bitter fruits, old chocolate, and a little heat. Fruity sweetness is maintained through the finish. 90 points -, reviewed by: Jonny McCormick, 2017

...The latest limited release from this brand. This whiskey spent most of its life aging in a bourbon barrel and then spent 9 months in sherry casks. (“Twin wood” is synonymous with “finishing.”) This one’s triple distilled (think Bushmills distillery) and is the first Knappogue Castle to be aged in two types of wood. It’s a very nice whiskey, with an array of bright fruit lying on a bed of creamy vanilla, toasted nuts, marshmallow, marzipan, and powdered cocoa. Excluding the original 1951 Knappogue Castle release (from the long gone B. Daly distillery), this is my favorite of the “modern day” Knappogue Castle whiskeys. 90 points -, reviewed by: John Hansell 2011

...Knappogue Castle has always been ‘seen high’ by whisky freaks. For some reason, I had missed this older one. As for what twin wood means, I guess that’s got something to do with Harley-Davidson. Or Ducati. Or Guzzi. Or Norton… (that’ll do, S.) … Colour: gold. Nose: it’s got this metallic/dusty side that screams ‘pure pot still’ and that I did not find in any of the others. Metal polish, herbal tea, overripe apples. The low strength is problematic, though, and believe me I made a looong break after the fab Nectar 27. But what’s in this weakish nose is great. Mouth: oh very good indeed. Even the 40% vol. work. Can you smoke chocolate? Marmalade, mixed marmalade with mint and cloves, ripe gooseberries, pomegranates… All very good. A shame that they bottled it at 40% vol. Murder! Finish: it’s almost long, at this strength. Imagine what it could have been at 45 or 50% vol. Great whiskey (see, I did not miss the ‘e’.) Comments: a very frustrating bottle. Super-great whiskey for sure, but it could have been hyper-great whiskey! Oh, the frustration…  86 points -