Kitajima Sea Salt Yuzushu (720ml)
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Kitajima Sea Salt Yuzushu (720ml)

Shiga, JAPAN
$59. 99
$719.88 Dozen
ABV: 7%

From Shiga brewers Kitajima, comes an alternative take on Yuzushu, made using local sake, but with a small addition of sea salt and four times the Yuzu of regular Yuzushu. That's evidenced in aromas of fresh grapefruit and lemon butter but more-so in surprisingly tart flavours of unsweetened home-made lemonade. The finish is citrus-peel fresh (oranges and lemons) with a lick of salt in the aftertaste rounding the profile off like a Margarita cocktail. Use it as a Summer refresher or mix when natural citrus flavours are in demand. 7% Alc./Vol. Refrigerate after opening.