Kitajima Miyosakae Muenso 'O' Junmai Daiginjo Sake (1800ml)
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Kitajima Miyosakae Muenso 'O' Junmai Daiginjo Sake (1800ml)

Shiga, JAPAN
$115. 00
$1380.00 Dozen
ABV: 16%
Closure: Plastic Stopper

Kitajima Brewery was established in 1805 in Shiga Prefecture near lake Biwa. As one of the oldest and most respected sake breweries in Japan, Kitajima produce a range of full flavoured and fruitier styles. Miyosakae is their traditional core range, while in 2002 they developed the Kitajima range for more innovative releases using the kimoto natural starter method. This Muenso release uses the highly coveted Yamada Nishiki strain of rice.

Tasting note: Very pale water white in the glass with a faintly cloudy appearance. Initially aromas are quite exuberant in fruit, with a wealth of green melon, cantaloupe, pear, white peach and plum aromas. The earthy rice driven notes are there, yet it expresses fruit first, finishing with some white pepper and salt lift lending character. On the palate there's a similar approach with fruit flavours up front and savoury elements follow through the finish. Green melon, white peach, edamame, leading to nougat and cream, and that hint of crusty salt and pepper seasoning to close. There's commendable concentration of flavour in an elegant, broad appeal style. The mix of fruit and savoury elements work well, and the barest hint of sweetness only adds to this very enjoyable sake. Serve chilled.
Alc 16%
Rice Polishing: 45%