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Kinmon X3 Rose Junmai Sake (720ml)

Akita, JAPAN
$54. 99
$659.88 Dozen
ABV: 15%
Closure: Screw Cap

Kinmon are based in Akita prefecture and are known for their plum wine and aged sake (koshu). One of their more unique offerings is their X3 Rose Sake made using Menkoina (red) rice, along with adding a small amount of koshu.

Tasting Note:
Presents as a pale Champagne colour with a peach blush. Aromatically the first sniff is dominated by strawberries and cream, not overtly sweet but very inviting. With air more red fruit emerges; cherries, raspberry, red apple, along with some notes of bread dough, pastry crust and vanilla bean. On the palate the delicate red fruit theme continues with strawberry, red apple, cranberry, mixed in with hints of short crust pastry and biscuit. Has excellent flavour intensity while still being light on its feet with just a hint of subtle sweetness on the finish. All told it's an elegant and balanced drink that shows more similarities to rosé wine than sake. Drink chilled.
Alc 15%
Rice Polishing: 70%