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Kill Devil Single Cask Trinidad 13 Year Old Cask Strength Rum (700ml)

$175. 00
$2100.00 Dozen
ABV: 63.1%
Indie whisky bottler, 'Hunter Laing’s' new foray into the rum market offers a range of limited edition single cask rums from across the Caribbean. The name of the collection is adapted from the English colonies when rum was called 'Kill Devil' (from its tendency to cause a nasty hangover or for its perceived medicinal power, take your pick).

Trinidad is home to some well known brands, such as Angostura, as well as sought after rums like those from the now demolished Caroni Estate. This cask strength edition from Trinidad was limited to 410 bottles. Non chill filtered too, so expect extra flavour and texture. 63.1% Alc./Vol.