Kill Devil Single Cask Guyana 24 Year Old Rum (700ml)
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Kill Devil Single Cask Guyana 24 Year Old Rum (700ml)

$450. 00 Bottle
$5400.00 Dozen
ABV: 46%

A huge age statement in Guyanese rum, bottled at the Enmore Distillery in Guyana after a maturation of 24 years without colourings and cold filtration.
338 bottles worldwide. Fast sold out in the UK. Very limited stocks.

Other reviews... One of the first 1992s I think, definitely the first one I’ve had. That said, I am quite familiar with this rum already. Nose: Very rich and heavy, despite the dilution. I get notes of chocolate, prunes, dark caramel, molasses, salty notes, licorice perhaps, beet syrup, apricot, burnt wood, chestnut and much, much more. I think we might be having another very great one. Palate: Just like the Blackadder, it isn’t very thin and here the texture is even smoother all in all, probably because of the higher age. Plums, pencil sharpenings, herbs, wood, cocoa, chocolate, non-bitter espresso and salty ship planks are just some of my impressions. Especially the contrast between nose and palate is really interesting here but both surely add up. Finish: Medium long and given what we’ve had not too special but this slightly bitter, salty and woody combination works incredibly well. An amazing rum and I wonder what this would taste like at cask strength, but thanks to the next one we will be able to find out. 91 points -