Kill Devil Single Cask Guyana 16 Year Old Cask Strength Rum (700ml)

$260. 00 Bottle
$3120.00 Dozen
ABV: 59.9%

If you're looking for 'malternatives', this range is as good as any for single malt fans to leap into. Hunter Laing are whisky bottlers, fortunate enough to acquire stocks of aged rums from places such as Guyana and Jamaica, and the word amongst rum bloggers is that they're really beginning to make a mark in the rum world. A handful of the 230 bottle outturn of this cask strength Guyenese beauty have arrived. Produced at the Diamond Distillery via a pot still in 2003 and bottled at 59.9% without added colorants or chill filtration, expect a a big, bold rum.

Notes from the producers... Colour: Amber. Nose: dark chocolate, cardamom, cinnamon, spices. Taste: Complex notes, dried fruit, dates, raisins, oak. Finish: Long lasting.