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    Kilderkin Larrikin Gin (700ml)

    Ballarat, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
    $89. 99 Bottle
    $1079.88 Dozen
    ABV: 42%
    Established in 2016 in Ballarat, this is the first distillery in the region since the 1930s. The venture takes its name from 'kilderkins', small oak barrels (equivalent to 18 Imperial Gallons or 81.8 litres). Perhaps more familiar to whisky lovers, these casks have otherwise been traditionally used for ales. The pot stills here are designed to produce a lighter bodied spirit. To achieve this end they commissioned Peter Bailly, a highly regarded still maker from Knapp Lewer Contracting in Hobart. Presently two signature gins are produced, a London Dry Gin and an "Australian Gin". They also have whiskies aging and expect to offer mature spirits as of 2019.

    Tasting note:The Larrikin employs native ingredients complemented by traditional juniper and coriander. Perfectly clear. Leaner, drier and more herbaceous on the nose than 'The Scoundrel'. Offers attractive aromas of potpourri, anise and woody juniper with hints of lemon peel in the mix. Creamy and delicately spiced; lemon myrtle and aniseed flavours emerging in the aftertaste. A nice arrangement of 'old' and 'new' botanicals. 42% Alc./Vol.