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Ki No Bi Sei Kyoto Dry Gin (700ml) - Blue Box

Kyoto, JAPAN
$145. 00
$1740.00 Dozen
ABV: 54.5%
Made with the same intricate production method as the original KI NO BI, gin, 'Sei' employs eleven botanicals distilled in six distinct flavour categories. The final blend has been recalibrated by the distilling team to bring out the best of each botanical at the traditional British Navy Strength of 54.5% ABV.

Tasting note: Penetrating, drier styled aromas of crushed pine buds, menthol balm, liquorice root, coriander seed and late suggestions of chamomile tea. Follows through in a booming, mouthfilling attack of lemon gelato, coriander seed and creamy juniper flavours. The finish is spiced-up, sustained and invigorating. Will pair well in cocktails. 54.5% Alc./Vol.