Katsaros White Label Tsipouro (700ml)

$62. 99
$755.88 Dozen
ABV: 42%
The Katsaros distillery is a fourth generation family run venture located in Tirnavos, Greece. Apart from being the country's oldest Ouzo distillery, their grape based 'Tsipouros' spirits are the second national drink of Greece, gaining Increasing popularity among younger drinkers. There are two kinds: One contains aniseed. The other is anise free and the more popular of the two.

Produced from the pomace of the aromatic Muscat of Hamburg variety and distilled using seeds and herbs, like Ouzo, these unaged spirits make a perfect accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes or cocktails. Weighing in at a slightly higher ABV than Katsaros's Black Label Tsipouro, this White Label edition includes anise and showcases the richly textural characteristics of the Muscat grape variety. Enjoy it straight from the freezer or dilute with water and ice. 42% Alc./Vol.