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Kamm & Sons British Aperitif (700ml)

$69. 99
$839.88 Dozen
ABV: 33%
The creation of Alex Kammerling, a bartender and former brand ambassador for Grey Goose vodka. Composed of 45 ingredients including herbs, spices, fruits, berries, nuts, peels, barks, roots, leaves and flowers, this is produced in a similar fashion to gin. The recipe is a closely guarded family secret, but a few of the key botanicals are ginseng, grapefruit peel and manuka honey.

Tasting note: Topaz / copper appearance. Pleasantly bitter aromas are rooty / earthy / dried herb-like in the initial pass. Air contact adds suggestions of grapefruit, liquorice root, fennel, ginger and light menthol. Like a vermouth-meets-bitters, this follows through with flavours of grapefruit, gentian and bittersweet herbs followed by a touch of honey. Ends refreshing, mildly bitter and medium long. Enjoy neat over ice, or served with simple mixers. 33% Alc./Vol.