Kaikyo Hatozaki Pure Malt Japanese Whisky (700ml)
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Kaikyo Hatozaki Pure Malt Japanese Whisky (700ml)

$119. 99 Bottle
$1439.88 Dozen
ABV: 46%

Named after the nearby Akashi-Kaikyo bridge, the Kaikyo Distillery is located near Akashi City. It has a long history with the Yonesawa family who have been distilling since 1917 but only took to whisky very recently. 'Hatozaki' is the result, named after a nearby lighthouse (the oldest stone lighthouse in Japan). It's a blend of 5-6 year old Japanese and imported malts matured in x-Bourbon and x-sherry casks as well as indigenous Mizunara oak from the Hokkaido and Tohuku forests. Produced in small batches of less than twenty barrels at a time, it's described as having a pleasing dried fruit and cereal character with a slightly smokey and honeyed finish. 46% Non chill filtered.

Other reviews... Lifted notes of wildflowers apricots are underlined by aromas of crushed barley and brown sugar. The palate is light and elegant with flavors of sugar cookie, almond milk, and beeswax. A truly exquisite whiskey. 94 points - Excellent, Highly Recommended - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2021

...This blended malt has stronger color and flavors than Hatozaki Finest, with scents of marzipan, orange sherbet, lime rind, apricot Danish pastry, and delicate wood spices. The palate keeps a focus on vanilla fudge and spice, but doesn’t really take you on a journey. There’s creamy vanilla, a slow burner of peppercorn, a little fudge, and honey for sure, but the anticipated fruitiness never really arrives. 85 points - whiskyadvocate.com, reviewed by: Jonny McCormick 2019