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Juyondai Soukou Yamadanishiki Junmai Daiginjo Sake (1800ml)

Yamagata, JAPAN
$3199. 00
$38388.00 Dozen
ABV: 16%

The new high point in our sake collection is produced by the Takagi Shuzo Co. based in Yamagata Prefecture. Rice used to produce these special-designation sakes must be polished to a legally defined degree. At least 15 percent of the rice used must also be affected by koji-kin, a filamental fungus which helps to break down starches into sugar. The name "Juyondai Soko" means double rainbow. Rice Polishing Ratio: 35%. 16% Alc./Vol.

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This medium sweet NV Juyondai Soko Daiginjo shows all the perfection of great sake! Elegant and delicate, it offers stunning scents of melon, green apple, white flower and steamed rice. Fresh, crispy and vibrant on the palate, it shows a similar smooth and silky texture like Ryusen, but it's lighter, more delicious and seductive. It has a super clean, pure and melting finish, with a nice hint of green spice. Rice: Yamada Nishiki. Seimai-buai: 35%.
100 points
Liwen Hao - Wine Advocate (Dec 2018)